“That which we persist in doing becomes easier – not that the nature of the task as changed, but our ability to do it has increased” – Emerson

Would you like to do things in a more productive and easier way?
Would you like to improve the abilities of your staff to increase their performance?

NSAI, through it’s associate company
ExelOrate, can provide a full and varied portfolio of flexible learning solutions, predominately in areas of Business Management and team effectiveness.

We can design, deliver, facilitate and measure industry standard and business specific programmes to match the needs of individuals and our clients’ organisational requirements.

Training can be provided in house or externally for your convenience and to satisfy the learning method.

Our range of programmes can assist you in gaining the skills to recruit, manage, develop, identify and maintain talent, as well as develop your teams and individuals in order to maximise your organisations profit.

Programmes available in areas of:
• Performance management
• Change orientation
• Career planning
• Business processes
• Trainer skills
• Presentation techniques
• Assertiveness
• Team building

If you have a specific need or are yet to identify the development need within your organisation, we can help.